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  IDEAS™ to help you discover your self, skills, and passion to thrive in the 21st century!

Barbara Creamer is a Goal Achievement Coach committed to helping her clients BECOME.

With a degree in Child Development and Sociology, she has more than 35 years of experience in administration, strategic planning and program development in both the public and private sectors.
Barbara has hired and trained over 1000 young employees and volunteers over the course of her career, developed teen  leadership and work training programs and has been a Girl Scout mentor for 23 years.

These skills and experience enable her to effectively guide clients, students and adults alike,  through the IDEASprograms she has developed. Barbara’s ability to get clients to make the cognitive shifts that lead them to a deeper level of self-awareness, to uncover the strengths that lie within, is what leads clients to seek her services.

Barbara is a believer in the power of groups. She involves herself in numerous organizations and is passionate about involving others in their communities to learn more about themselves, their passions, and skills.

With a strong background in assessment, goal setting and strategic planning, Barbara is experienced in helping clients create action plans that keep them moving forward strategically to BECOME.

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Dear Potential Client or Parents: 
As a mother I guided my two children in discovering
IDEAS™ which enabled them to thrive. I understand both the excitement and angst felt by middle school, high school and college students, graduates and their parents when confronted with decisions that come with each transition. I'm fully prepared to support you and your son/daughter through any or all of them. 

As a small business owner and a professional in both the public and private sectors for over 30 years I have a wealth of knowledge and experience I am excited to share with those of you interested in achieving career goals. 

I am able to offer a unique perspective to those who suffer from chronic pain, disease or physical limitations, yet are still determined to accomplish personal goals, because of my own experience overcoming obstacles in order to achieve my personal, academic and professional goals. 

I am dedicated to my clients' success and therefore work only with a few at a time to ensure each one receives the personal attention he/she requires to progress. I am selective with whom I work to make sure my expertise and services are suited to your needs. 

Please contact me for more information or to schedule an initial 1 hour consultation at a fee of $50.  I look forward to learning how I can be of assistance and to sharing my  IDEAS™ wit
h you! 

 Warm Regards, 
 Barbara Creamer

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