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IDEAS™ for Schools/Groups
Listed below are some IDEAS™ programs Barbara has designed for schools and groups.
Please contact her to find out more about learning outcomes,
customizing these curriculums
and/or designing a unique curriculum
to meet the specific needs desires and goals of your students or group members.


While some people are able to  intuitively take the necessary steps to achieve their goals, most of us need  instruction and then practice to acquire the skills necessary to realize meaningful goals.

This workshop introduces students or group members to IDEAS™, a 5-step approach that serves as a guide for achieving both short and long term goals. Participants learn the importance of having a clear purpose or goal, setting realistic short term goals, and developing action plans as a means to achieving more challenging long term goals. 

Students or group members learn how to: 

IDENTIFY their  interest, passions and set goals that relate to them. 
DEVELOP the necessary skills and/or acquire the experience or knowledge necessary to achieve the goal. 
EXPLORE opportunities, resources and networks.  
ACHIEVE despite obstacles both internal and external. 
STRATEGIZE by evaluating progress, determining next steps and developing personal action plans.   


Research indicates there is a high correlation between academic success and student engagement. Using my IDEAS™ goal achievement model, participants learn the purpose, importance and benefits of pursuing their unique interests, desires and goals in high school. I guide students in identifying their interests or passion. Students become educated as to the opportunities available to pursue extra-curricular activities related to their interests both at their high school and in their community.  Then, students explore leadership as a possible interest, which includes each participant leading their peers in an activity! Through group challenges, students gain insight into how they  react to obstacles when pursuing a goal. Finally, we create action plans for students to get involved in an extra-curricular activity during high school.

This program compliments and goes beyond any LinkCrew programs you may already be offering.

Students will:

IDENTIFY academic and extra-curricular activities, interests and passions.
EVELOP a sense of self and purpose.
XPLORE the leader within.
CHIEVE despite obstacles, both internal and external. 
STRATEGIZE to design a personal action plan for getting involved in activities related to their interests/passion. 

Please note: I am able to share data I have collected from students, which clearly indicates the effectiveness of this program. Detailed learning outcomes are available to help you determine whether this program is right for your at-risk students. 


Your ENTIRE Student Leadership Class can be trained for the amount of $$ it would cost to send just one or two representatives to an out-of-town Leadership Conference
An added bonus is that this workshop is not is tailored to meet the specific needs, desires and goals of YOUR Leadership Team or Student Government! 


STRATEGIC PLANNING - Students will be inspired to lead with vision and will develop a statement of purpose and guidelines for their Leadership Team and Committees.

LEADERSHIP STYLES - Students discover the pros and cons of eight different leadership styles and the specific circumstances under which each might be used.

BECOME EFFECTIVE MEETING LEADERS - Officers and Committee Chairs will learn techniques for running effective meetings.

TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES - Groups participate in fun activities that simulate real-life challenges and provide insight as to how your team will work together.

LEADERSHIP CHARACTERISTICS - Students identify the qualities skilled leaders possess, identify those they have and determine which they will work to develop in the coming school year.

EVENT PLANNING - Students will learn how to plan successful school-wide activities and events.

COMMUNICATION - Students become aware of their own communication style(s) and learn how to effectively communicate with others to get a job done.

AMBASSADOR TRAINING - Students will discover the impact their conduct, attitude and appearance have when representing the school and will develop their presence as Ambassadors by practicing meet & greets, hosting,
providing directions and sharing information. 

IDEAS™ GOAL ACHIEVEMENT - Students are introduced to the IDEAS
TM  goal achievement model and use it to Identify, Develop, Explore, Achieve and Strategize their goals for the coming school year. 


Become and Next Level College Athletics and Admissions Counseling 

are partnering to offer unparalleled opportunities for rising Seniors to complete their
CSU and UC applications & required essays in one, two and or three day workshops. 

Space will be limited so sign up early to ensure your spot!   

"Barbara is awesome! She is the Marty Nemko of Sonoma and Marin Counties. Competent, knowledgeable, a great listener. She gets you to get the job done." 
Teresa Oefinger, Educator, 
Author, Life Coach  (Left in photo) 

"Barbara has a passion for ensuring your success. She can help you take action today so you are prepared for tomorrow!"  
Karla Conroy, Principal,  Sonoma Valley Unified School District  (Right in photo) 
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