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Most of us are familiar with and perhaps intrigued by one or more of the popular self-improvement reality series on television these days - but why only watch when you can BECOME?

While some people are able to intuitively take the necessary steps to achieve their goals, more often than not, we need to
learn and practice the skills required to accomplish them. During our one-on-one coaching sessions, you will be introduced to the IDEAS™ program, a five step approach to achieving meaningful short term goals that will enable you to realize more challenging long term goals. 
As a result of being engaged in a personalized program of self-development, you will receive the instruction, motivation, support and resources needed to experience a level of success as you move through each step of your goal achievement plan.

IDENTIFY a goal that relates to your interests, skills, passion, desires or cultivate a whole new you!
DEVELOP the skills or acquire the experience and knowledge necessary to achieve the goal.
EXPLORE opportunities, resources and networks that support your purpose and goal.
ACHIEVE a level of proficiency that will help you advance towards your goal.
STRATEGIZE by designing action plans and evaluating your progress to keep you moving forward.

I am able to offer a UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE w
hen coaching clients who suffer from chronic pain or disease but are nevertheless determined to achieve goals despite limitations and obstacles.
"My daughter, a Harvard education graduate, claims that the skills she developed working with Barbara inspired her passion for teaching, were an integral part of her early training and helped her "become" an accomplished and successful 6th grade science teacher."

Pamela Wight with daughter Nadine

Office Manager at Belvedere-Tiburon Landmarks Society, Creative Writing Instructor, Blogger

Research indicates there is a high correlation between academic success and student engagement. These  
IDEAS™ coaching sessions focus on developing a solid foundation for success by learning and practicing the five steps to goal achievement. Through project based coaching the student will begin to identify their interests or passion, relate them to academic and extra-curricular pursuits and then explore associated careers. Students gain confidence and a sense of independence as they acquire real-life skills by thoughtfully selecting extra-curricular activities and strategically become engaged in their school and/or community. The desired outcome is for the student to develop a greater sense of self and purpose as he/she begins to find their way in the world. 

IDENTIFY  interests and passions that relate to academic and extra-curricular activities.
DEVELOP a sense of self, purpose, confidence and independence as you learn how to plan for your future.
EXPLORE the leader within along with other personal traits and characteristics you would like to develop in yourself.
ACHIEVE despite obstacles, both internal and external as well as gaining valuable experience.
TRATEGIZE next steps and learn how to develop action plans to achieve your goals while also developing a resume and/or portfolio that reflects your progress.


Due to the increased cost of higher education and the tight job market, it is critical for students to have a strategic plan going in so there is a greater chance of finishing in four years and landing a job in their chosen field upon graduating.
If you need help figuring out college and your future or you want how to learn how get the most out of your college experience, together we can...

DENTIFY your values, goals, lifestyle choices and the academic and career pathways that will help you build your life.

the tools, skills and tactics necessary to make a good first impression and open doors - with your college essays, resume, cover letters, portfolio, control over your image on social network sites, interview skills, proper etiquette and when visiting campuses.

college programs or career pathways that unite your strengths and passion. We can establish criteria for and then do the research to find the colleges, trade or vocational programs that are the best fit for you in your field of interest.

CHIEVE by learning how to network, serve with intention, develop a passion project or become a leader - merits that enable you to stand out among your peers, write a reflective college essay and qualify for scholarships.

STRATEGIZE your becoming! Carefully designed action plans keep you moving in directed manner toward your goal and help to ensure that the time and effort you invest will produce greater results.

I will guide you step-by-step through the arduous undertaking that is the college application process. Imagine having your
college applications completed in a timely and proficient manner, ready to submit - completely avoiding the

pitfalls of procrastination!

The essay portion of the college application process is easily the most daunting. I demystify the process so that you are
able to think creatively and focus your essay to include the IDEAS™ that matter most to the college admissions readers.

With my guidance you will:
IDENTIFY your unique life story.
DEVELOP a hook.

EXPLORE and articulate why a particular college is a good fit for your talents, interest, experiences and academic goals.
ACHIEVE by learning what college readers are truly looking for!

STRATEGIZE the essay creation so it can easily be tailored to a multitude of applications.
In the rapidly changing 21st century and during these times of economic turmoil, many people are having trouble figuring out where they fit in and what their next steps in life should be. Others know exactly what they want, but need an expert to provide the support and
guidance to get there. Graduates entering the workforce, adults in transition and professionals alike, will benefit from the IDEAS™ strategies learned and then applied when looking for that "first job", pursuing a dream job, making a career change or developing a small business. Together we can develop a personalized program that will keep you motivated and focused on advancing your career or building your business.  Coaching sessions are available to help you with: 
  • Resumes - Bios - Letters - Interview Skills - Personal Branding - Pitch - Clarification of Skills/Knowledge
  • Job Search - Career Change - Market Investigation - Growth in Present Job and Career
  • Current Work & Job Issues - Communication - Personnel / Management Issues - Negotiations
  • Networking - Authentic Business and Community Connections
  • Marketing - Social Media - Strategic Planning 

  "Without Mrs. Creamer's intelligence and willingness to help, I would still be unemployed.
She helped me convert my resume from something amateur to something magnificent.
As a result, I was receiving job interview after job interview. 
If it wasn't for Barbara's skills and kind heart, I would have no direction.
I cannot thank her enough."

Lance Curtis, Petaluma High School Graduate 2010 

Barbara helped me develop my massage therapy business into the thriving practice it is today.
She developed an effective marketing plan that more than doubled my client base  in only a few months
and then taught me how to use technology and social media so that I am able to continue to
build my business on my own. 

 Mary Kelly, Certified Massage Therapist 

BENEFITS OF COACHING                      
Clarity - Insight - Motivation - Resources - Accountability - Support
You have someone with experience on your side! Become coaching services can help ensure the time and effort you invest in extra-curricular, academic and career pursuits and the money you invest in your development produces greater results!

I am a goal achievement coach who can motivate, teach, guide support and provide resources to help you BECOME in your personal academic or professional life. I'm not an academic tutor, family therapist or counselor. And, as much as some parents might like me to be, I am not the nag that prods their son/daughter into meeting college application deadlines or taking action. I can however, help a motivated client like you, establish and strategically move forward to achieve meaningful goals. 

Please call me at (707) 303-6663 or e-mail me to schedule an initial one-on-one consultation at a fee of $50.

Once  we have discussed what it is you would like to accomplish through BECOME, an assessment enables me to identify where you are in your process of development and helps determine which
IDEAS™ program will be most beneficial.  Then I'll be able to estimate the duration and frequency of coaching sessionsand we can set up a  schedule suited to your budget, needs and the level of support you desire to achieve your goals.

Initial consultations are scheduled in person. If you live outside of Marin or Sonoma County, alternatively an on-line Skype session can be scheduled. As we proceed, we can discuss whether face to face, Skype or phone session will work best for you. As my coaching is project based, there will be times when the most efficient and productive way to coach is by exchanging project information and drafts through e-mail. I want to use the methods that will work best for my clients'  communication and learning styles.

Everyone's needs are different; therefore my approach will be unique to you. You'll never get a cookie cutter approach. As a result, the coaching process is always challenging, vibrant and exciting with the information and resources provided pertinent your specific needs, desires and goals.

Coaching fee: $50/hour for session conducted in person, through SKYPE or by phone.  If you would like me to come to your home, travel fees will apply.
Package pricing: When program elements require research, editing drafts and a fluid exchange of ideas outside the time spent in one-on-one coaching sessions, I will estimate the time that is required and provide you with a quote for services. 

No long-term contract or sales pitches: Many college consultants / coaches require clients to sign long-term contracts. Though much of what I do is tied to long-term goals related to personal development, skill building, college admissions process and career development, I do not ask clients to commit to any long-term contracts. 

Payment options:
 Services are offered on a pay as you go basis with fees due on the day services are rendered. Checks, cash and Paypal are accepted forms of payment. If using Paypal, please process your payment by midnight on the day services are rendered. 

I wish I could guarantee a specific outcome as a result of using my services but I can't. No reputable coach would make such a claim. What I can tell you is this…all the IDEAS™ to BECOME programs are processes for self-discovery. If you fully engage yourself in the projects and our discussions, are open to trying new things, willing to accept a challenge and work hard, you will find the accountability, resources and support to accomplish meaningful goals. I'm ready to help you find your passion and work with you to carefully design strategic action plans that keep you moving in a directed manner toward your goal.

This is your ONE and ONLY Life.
Start making it happen TODAY.

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